The Child and Family Services Review Board’s legislative responsibilities are summarized below.

Under the Child and Family Services Act the Board may review:

  • Residential Placement Advisory Committee recommendations with respect to a child’s residential placement pursuant to section 36;
  • A children’s aid society decision to remove a Crown ward, where the child has resided continuously with the foster parent for two or more years pursuant to section 61;
  • Certain client complaints related to children’s aid societies pursuant to section 68 and section 68.1;
  • Emergency admission of a child to a secure treatment program pursuant to section 124;
  • A Director’s decision to refuse to approve a proposed adoption placement, or to impose a term or condition on an approval, pursuant to section 142;
  • A decision of a children’s aid society to refuse an application to adopt a particular child or a decision of a society or licensee to remove a child from an adoption placement pursuant to section 144;

Ontario Regulation 494/06 applies.

Under the Education Act the Board may hear an appeal regarding:

  • Expulsion of students by school boards pursuant to section 311.7.

Ontario Regulation 472/07 applies.

Under the Intercountry Adoption Act the Board may review:

  • A Director’s refusal to approve a person as eligible and suitable to adopt for the purpose of an intercountry adoption or the attachment of conditions to a Director’s approval pursuant to sections 5 and 6.