Complaints Against a Children's Aid Society

The Child and Family Services Act, sections 68 and 68.1, give the Child and Family Services Review Board the mandate to hear applications from individuals who sought or received a service from a children’s aid society and who believe that the society has:

  1. Refused to proceed with his/her complaint
  2. Failed to respond to his/her complaint within the timeframes required by regulation
  3. Failed to comply with the complaint review procedure or with any other procedural requirement under the Child and Family Services Act
  4. Failed to comply with clause 2(2)(a) of the Child and Family Services Act which provides that the “service provider shall ensure that children and their parents have the opportunity where appropriate to be heard and represented when decisions affecting their interests are made and to be heard when they have concerns about the services they are receiving”
  5. Failed to provide reasons for a decision that affects his/her interests
  6. Inaccurately recorded something on his/her file or record and this has not been resolved through the children’s aid society’s internal complaint review panel.

You may bring your complaint directly to the Board or you may ask the Board to review how the society’s internal complaint review panel addressed your concerns. You may apply to the Board upon completion of the society’s internal complaint review process or at any time during the process.

If you have a complaint about an inaccuracy in your file with the society, you must first go through the society’s internal complaint review panel before coming to the Board.

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